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The partnership to deliver excellence in power solutions

CSL and HV Power are two of the country’s most respected advisers and suppliers to the electricity supply sector. By combining their knowledge and resources in Gridworks, they are bringing together the industry insight, product range and service excellence that electricity supply organisations and contractors have been looking for.

CSL and HV Power will continue to be dominant forces in their respective fields, providing industry leadership in key electricity distribution areas. Gridworks will draw on the significant knowledge resource of CSL and HV Power and the strong relationships these organisations have built with the world’s leading electricity distribution brands to provide a focused response to the specific requirements generated by line and cable projects.

Gridworks – Comprehensive, Informed and Proactive

Gridworks brings together the range, expertise and commitment that are vital to meeting your commitments to electricity supply and safety. We are the team that’s setting new standards in critical performance criteria.

  • Delivering unparalleled support to help you meet your compliance and SAIDI obligations
  • Committing to innovation leadership in the quest for improved response times
  • Supporting a partnering culture that believes knowledge sharing benefits all of us

Talk to Gridworks for a new standard in product supply and advice

Key people from CSL and HV Power are playing pivotal roles in the Gridworks commitment to excellence, among them, HV Power General Manager, Mike Strong and CSL CEO, Phil Elliot. As directors of Gridworks, Mike and Phil will support our key solution advisers, Shank and Dwayne, as they deliver on our promise: Excellence in Power Solutions.

Dwayne Taylor

“Innovation and continuous improvement are the only way forward. Technological advancements and innovative products are allowing networks to reduce installation time, reduce the potential for human error and speed up reinstatement time after a fault – all while lowering costs.” 

Dwayne was a key appointment for Gridworks. His exposure to significant electricity distribution projects while at CSL, as the National Manager – Power ensured that our customers could have absolute confidence in both his technological knowhow and his incisive understanding of the business drivers behind their decision making.

With over 30 years’ experience in the electrical and electricity supply Industry he brings unrivalled industry and product knowledge to Gridworks. As a qualified electrician he can employ a genuine appreciation of the concerns teams have in the field as they are tasked with deploying increasingly advanced solutions. And as a participant in numerous network enhancement projects he can also deliver cogent insights to the strategic planning that’s paving the way for world-class electricity distribution.


Mobile: +6427 4478419


Shank Paramanathan

“Excellence in power networks will be gained through a combination of the deep experience that resides in the organisations responsible for safety and supply integrity, and the exciting opportunities presented by emerging technologies.”

Shank’s previous experience at HV Power, where he had responsibility for supporting the expanding A.Eberle, Horstmann and Siemens product lines, is a valuable addition to Gridworks’ customer support capabilities.

As a key account manager for HV Power with customers on both sides of the Tasman he has been at the forefront of strategies to adopt innovative products and solutions. Shank’s qualifications in Electrical/Electronics Engineering and Operations Management and his experience in substation design before joining HV Power and then Gridworks have provided him with broad-scale experience.

There are few professionals in the industry who can match his ability to see a project from multiple angles, enabling a thorough approach to solutions development and product specification.


Mobile: +6421 968780