Gridworks Service

Cable Accessory Design Advisory

Currently, cost is an important factor in the decision to specify overhead lines or cables, but Gridworks recognises this situation is changing as criteria such as aesthetics, network reliability, government regulation and public opposition to overhead lines play an increasing role.

Responding to this, Gridworks offers advice on cable accessory design, enabling our customers to augment existing line expertise with a thorough appreciation of cable technologies.

The cable accessories Gridworks supplies and supports are essential components in a cable project where reliability and an industry-leading solution are required. Advice about the right cable accessories ensures the design integrity of an electrical system and means that accompanying cables can be calibrated to ensure a seamless fit. This advice will also deliver dividends when it comes to installation, saving time and labour onsite.

Technical Support

Electricity systems have to meet increasingly stringent requirements for supply integrity and  safety. To ensure reliable and safe operation over the lifetime of the system, design concepts must reflect current standards, component quality must be high, and a full appreciation of the features and limitations of the product specified understood.

Gridworks supports these goals through comprehensive product-related services that draw on expert product knowledge and the close partnerships our technical staff have built up with the world’s leading brands. This ensures the safety and security of people and installations as well as the reliable continuity of electricity supply.

Ours is an innovative industry, with new products constantly coming online . As your technical support partner, we consider our ability to evaluate and advise on these innovations as fundamental to a proactive relationship with you. Through data sharing, product specification, network analysis, and trouble shooting we are working with you to ensure a world-class energy system.

Product Installation Training

Gridworks brings a partnering culture to the industry that sees knowledge sharing with our customers as an essential element in service provision. Our commitment to providing the expertise and training to ensure reliable access to electricity and the safety of the people who work with it is total.

Achieving this is evidenced through comprehensive training services that meet the stringent expectations of the internationally renowned brands we work with. Gridworks encourages all of our customers to contact us when considering new technologies, or to evaluate the efficacy of existing training programmes where new products or processes are being included.

Kitting and Assembly Services

Speed of response is a key operational driver for our customers and providing ready-assembled product configurations and a comprehensive inventory of regularly requested items are two ways we can support you.

Our extensive industry experience underpins pre-assembly and inventory strategies that will meet the demands of most scenarios, although we recognise that unique requirements do arise and we welcome your enquiry about assembling or stocking products to meet your specific requirements.

On-site and remote support

As an organisation with national scope, we recognise that customers will need support beyond that available through the comprehensive product information documentation that’s available.

The key team members at Gridworks have extensive experience supporting customers through a range of product deployments using video conferencing or via phone and email conversations. In many cases this form of support is adequate, but for more involved scenarios we can arrange for on-site visits.

Installation and commissioning

Correct installation and commissioning of electricity supply products is essential. Following the guidelines as set down by product manufacturers will protect the safety of the public and installers and ensurethe product functions as specified. Failure to follow the guidelines can result any warranties being voided and adversely impact on product performance.

Gridworks is pleased to provide our customers with a product installation and commissioning audit as proof of adherence to guidelines.


All service fees, where applicable, are arranged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Gridworks to discuss your specific requirements.